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Hand Dyed Yarn

Hand Dyed Yarn from Lisa SouzaLisa has her own vision of the world and the colors in these hand dyed mill spun yarns are from deep in her imagination or from just outside, in her gardens, where Mother Nature gets it right.

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Hand Dyed Fiber

Hand Dyed Fibers from Lisa SouzaThree decades of taking fleeces through all forms of preparation have led to the conclusion that life is too short to spin with second rate fibers and so everything that you find within this section is pure heaven to spin. From long wools to downy cashmere, you can feel confident that they are the best that can run through your fingers.

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Rhinbeck 2012.

Visit us at one of our 2019 shows. Click here to review our schedule.   Interested in a studio visit? See details below.


Lisa Souza Dyeworks

Hi Lisa, the yarn and pattern arrived on Friday. The colors are beautiful and the yarn feels so good I can hardly wait to start knitting it up. Thanks again for your prompt shipment and for supplying such a high quality product at a reasonable price.

Welcome to Lisa Souza's beautiful world of hand dyed and handspun knitting yarns and spinning fibers.

Hand Dyed Yarns and Fibers from Lisa Souza Nestled in a compound on a rural road, outside of Placerville, California, the studio is a dream come true for the artisan who worked in a small house and a dark, un-insulated garage for decades. Nature and natural light are all around and visitors to the studio come away with a feeling of peace within a riot of color. If you are traveling up highway 50, to the foothills, give us a call and we will be happy to welcome you to our little piece of paradise.

Weaver Creek Fibers

Weaver Creek FibersOur other company, Weaver Creek Fibers, provides luxury fibers wholesale to businesses serving the spinning, knitting and weaving community and fiber artists with a valid seller's permit. If you want information about our fibers, email us at

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